Cover Letter Template

Following is simple yet effective cover letter template:


  • Introduce yourself

  • The reason you are writing

  • State where you get the job from

Why this job:

  • Explain the reason you are interested in the job and the company

  • Make it clear that you have the cover letter covered specifically for the company not just a one size fit all cover letter

  • Say some original points about the organisation that you know

  • Explain the factors that you like working for them

Why you fit for the job:

  • Explain why you are a right fit for the position

  • Briefly explain your relevant skills, knowledge and talents matching to each criterion

  • Avoid the same phrases you use in your resume


  • Emphasis your desire to join the company

  • Use a “look forward to hearing from you”

  • If to be submitted in paper, print out and sign the letter. Otherwise, use an electronic signature