Essential tips for finding graduate jobs

There are several things to prepare ahead of your graduation day so that you can find your first job once your course is finished. Listed below are some of essential tips for successfully finding your first proud job.

Be prepared, start early

Being early is a key thing to success. Check out your college career website, visit job bulletins, attend careers fairs and job search workshops. Register to newsletters from those services to keep you updated with the job market. Do not wait until finishing your study as finding jobs does take time. Make a list of job fields that you are looking for and try to register with recruitment agencies specialise in those fields.

Identify career paths

Plan ahead what you want to do. This can be based on your interest, major subjects that you have studied. It could be good if you take some extra effort in planning to study the courses that will help you to get to the career path that you like.

Be flexible

Good graduate opportunities often receive many competitive applications. Be flexible in terms of salary expectations and benefits. It is more important to think about what you want to be in a few year time and make a list of potential roles that you will help you get there.

Work experience

In addition to looking at results you achieve at college, employers are also looking for your work experience, leadership ability and any soft skills that you have such as communication skills, problem-solving skills, industry knowledge, etc.. Trying to get as much experience in those as possible.


Networking is very important in finding a job. About 80% of jobs are filled without ever been advertised online. Start building relationships with your friends, lecturers, career advisors, recruiters. Attending networking events or career fairs that are provided by your college. Remember to follow up with any contacts you make after the fairs.

Prepare for job applications and interviews

Normally your college career center will provide free services for how to prepare for a job application and interviews. Make appointment with a career advisor and listen to their advice on how to start. Start prepare a resume and cover letter and ask them to proofread for you.

And remember, finding a first job can be hard, but keep persistent. Good effort will be paid off.