Tips for CV writing


Following are simple tips for a good CV:

  1. Submit the resume in the required format - doc , pdf, docx, or paper

  2. Short and sweet: focus more on your current job and less about the past

  3. Clear and simple grammar to make sure readers can understand it

  4. Use one font and colours to make it easily to follow

  5. Highlight specific skills that are required

  6. Write clearly and concisely. Proofread for any incorrect grammar or misspellings or typos.

  7. Modify CV for each job.

  8. Get someone to check the CV for you before submitting.

You can list your job experience by time order. For each job you can list:

  1. The company name and location

  2. Your role

  3. Start and finish date

  4. Summary of responsibilities

  5. Achievements: focus on the results that you have achieved.