Tips for finding internships

Finding an internship takes time and effort. You should have a clear plan early for internship search. Below are some tips for searching for an internship.

Start looking early

Some companies or industries have earlier deadlines than other. Start looking for internship as early as possible. You can save the deadline date with reminder to your calendar so that you do not miss out any good one that you’re interested in. You can start by joining clubs, making valuable connections with alumni or professionals, networking with industry players. Making use of your college Career Website which provide several support for internship finder.

Networking is important

Many internships are filled without advertised online. So it is important to create network with friends, faculty and college counselors. They may know someone who is offering traineeships.

You should also attend career fairs. Prepare a short one minute introduction about yourself highlighting your skills, interest, experience and motivation to potential employers. Be sure to follow up with any recruiters/employers that you speak with at the career fair.

You can also check on the websites of companies in the industries of your interest. Then try to find the contact person, the more direct contact the better. Again, prepare a short description about yourself to them.

Update your resume and cover letter

Proofreading your resume and cover letter for any grammatical mistakes. Ask someone to proof reading your documents.

Use multiple paths to find internships

Internships can be found in various sources:

  • Check your school’s career website

  • Ask family, relatives, friends if they know any companies offering internships

  • Many websites offer internship search. On Job Hop Now we have a huge number of internships. So don’t forget to check out our internships page. 

Get application on time

Make sure you check and save the deadline date for internships. Allow plenty of time for application preparation.

Get the right contact information

Doing research on the companies that you’re interested in and find out who is the best person to contact. If you can’t find the info on company websites, call them to find out. The more direct person you can get, the higher chance of promoting yourself to them. Don’t wait for the internships to come to you. Be proactive and search out companies that interest you and then approach them directly.  

Have reference letters ready

Good reference letters from professors, advisor or employers can put you ahead of many other candidates. You should seek for reference letters early as this is beyond of your control. Allow your referees plenty of time in writing a letter for you.