Tips for salary negotiation

One of the most daunting aspects of landing your first role or a new job can be negotiating your salary. Being well prepared and open to the negotiating stage will help you achieve greater benefits for your new job.

Be prepared

Make sure youve done a thorough research your value in the market before start the negotiation. Take consideration into your general market value, your skills and experience, your value to the prospective employer and how you will contribute to the company. Don’t forget to check our Salary Estimator tool to get an idea of how much you can get for a particular job and in certain location. For a same job, salary in London can be higher in some other cities due to higher cost of living.

Delay talking about salary

One of the most basic negotiation skill is to make sure to let employers make the offer first. Try to delay the salary talk until you have secured the job. At this point, it will be easier as you know the company really want to hire you.

Know your minimum expected salary

Dont be shy to ask for your minimum expected salary. You don’t want to get in a place then later regret because you’re not happy with the pay.

Decide on an appropriate salary range

Based on your research of your marketplace, come up with a range of salary that you think is appropriate for the job. Your target salary should fall within that range.

Ask for other benefits

Some companies have a cap salary policies so there are no much room to negotiate for the base salary. You can try to negotiate to have some other subsidies such as perks, parking, gym memberships, health insurance, etc.

Practice your negotiation skills

Negotiation takes time and practice. Prepare this with a friend or family member. Assume they offer lower than your target salary and you’d like to practice to increase the offer.

Be calm and in control

Prove your future boss that you’re capable of controlling your emotions even though you do not get things you want.