Top questions to ask in job interviews

Although in job interviews, you are expected to answer lots of questions. Asking plenty of questions during the interview help you build a dialogue with interviewer and also help you evaluate if the job is a right fit for you. Below are some common questions that you can ask in an interview.

What are the key priorities in the first few months of the position?

This allow you to know what sort of challenge you are going to face in the job.

What are training you offer ?

This highlight that you are keen in advance your skills and willing to learn.

What is the role of the job in overall structure of the company?

Employer sees this as a good teamwork attitude.

What is the work culture of the company?

To know if you really want to work in the company with that culture.

How performance is measured and reviewed?

To prove you care about the importance of delivering real outcomes.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

Even though you probably do not get a honest answer, it is still a good to have some internal feedback about the company.